Plumlines The Family website of the Plummers

As some may know, I began to attempt producing a family tree in 2010 but had scant information, my own close family photos, a few oldf amily  photographs, some with identification, mostly without so it didn't advance mush beyond those early stages. It was a photograph, taken on a family holiday in the West Country in the 1950s that triggered this quest. I had recollections of the holiday but few else, especyially the lovely fmily we stayed with in what was obviously a pub. That image is on the right.

Cousin Dave Stone got me up to date on that location so I was on the way.

Luckily, I was soon in contact with Bert Enright on whom I was able to heavily rely on. Bert beingthe son of Amy who was an aunt of my Pop had doing research of his own for years and he was very supportive, providing so much information and copies of ancient photographs.

This is a temporary home for the family site, tagged at the beginning of my redundant personal site. It will have a stand alone space once I purchase a domain.

The intention of Plumlines is provide a platform where all of us can keep up to date within the family by exchanging information, photos, family history or just about anything related to each of our particular branches of the family.

Obviously, nothing beats meeting up and socialising but who knows, perhaps we could be teased into keeping in touch better  (I hold my hand up here!) as a result of viewing the site.

Plumlines is running in parallel with the  Plumlines site which is specifically dedicated to our genealogy. As time goes on, I hope that there will be more cross-pollination between the sites, historic pictures and relevant information being uploaded to both of them.

I will be expanding Plumlines to include a section (a page or pages) to each Lineage and each branch of our families. This will take some time and also it will require lots more information and photographic material, more will be revealed.

If you have material you’d like included on this or the Family Tree site, just click the email link and attach your files.

I have done absolutely no research about the Plummer Family per se, in terms of a proper research of history through the official sources of Parish records etc. I have only concentrated on our immediate ancestors and descendants, using the bits and pieces gleaned from relatives I have spoken to and from paperwork found amongst my immediate family.

I realised that, due to the nature of things, there would be more than enough in this to keep all of us interested here for quite a while, without delving further back than my generations’ grandparents, my starting point as the earliest ancestor was William Frederick Plummer.

Then, it became obvious that it would be fascinating to find out more. For now, though, I only went as far as my granddad’s dad (WFP), though as you will discover, we since realised that we have more earlier histories to share. Not knowing about William Frederick lead to many questions, some of the answers to which only arrived here with some early Census information that Shirley Bennet (née  Plummer) had researched.

I concentrated on the Plummer and Hutson geneology first as that is where my immediate branch of the Plummer Family emanates from, so far I have not had time to pursue branches away from that part of the tree. i intend to do so but i need family members to join in and send information about the ancestors and descendants tat did not start off with the Plummer surname.