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And we thought Rob Scott was a nice polite chap,

as for Jimmy Bullard…

Rob Scott

In his playing days at the Cottage, it used to be a joke amongst the faithful, that Rob could have scored many more headed goals than he did, had he been able to muck up his immaculately coiffed blond locks. He was also very conscious of his appearance off the pitch too, there were many stories coming from his team mates about his meticulous grooming habits and love of colourful knitwear!

Jimmy Bollard to sue Hull

The news that Bullard is set to sue Hull City over his controversial departure from the club certainly gives one food for thought and may come as a bit of a shock to the majority of Fulham (and maybe even Hull’s) fans.

Certainly Fulham fans look back on Bully Jimhard’s injury-ruined spell with us with much affection so many will be surprised to hear of some of the reasons behind his Hull contract being terminated. Sure he was a larger than life cheeky chappie, up for the craic and a practical joker; this coupled with his cavalier attitude on the pitch endeared the lad to one and all among the faithful.

When Bullard joined Hull, old Fulham hands smirked openly. It beggared belief at the time to many of us and apparently surprised the management at Fulham massively - they virtually bit Hull’s hands off and grabbed the money gratefully. Most fans were possibly not aware of whispers behind the scenes that painted a rather less rosy picture of this perky character.

It was a brilliant deal for Fulham, as the medical team knew just how risky it would be for Jimmy to compete full-out at the top level for a whole season given the severity of his knee injury and the major repairs that enabled him to resume playing.

In short it was only due to the brilliance of his surgeon that he could walk again, let alone kick a ball and run and with the knowledge that a bad tackle would be liable to end his career for ever, that Hull offer was irresistible. Popular opinion was that Hull carried out the most cursory of medicals, the inside story from Fulham was that “Bullard would have failed a Fulham Medical at the first examination”. So selling was an easy decision from the Fulham hierarchy's point of view.


Then there were the procession of unsettling stories that leaked from the back-room concerning his behaviour while at Fulham. Malicious gossip, or wild rumour? Who can say for sure except those who were there. The news that the last straw at Hull included a serious altercation with goalkeeping coach Joe Corrigan which affected the former England keeper to the extent he decided to quit the Championship club’ might add a little weight to some of those stories.

We will watch developments with interest - somehow we doubt that JB will contact Fulham for a character reference. Mind you, perhaps the prosecution will get in touch...

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