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I have seen the new website and am excited about it – living in Australia it gives me an extra link to all things FFC. You may remember me from sending you an article for TOOFIF a couple of years ago, called "My Fulham Family". 

Thought you might like to add these photos to your 'Fans’ Page'.  

These were taken at the Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne in July 2009 during FFC’s pre-season tour. My son Oscar Deverson was a proud mascot that night – in front of more than 20,000 people. He got to walk out with Bobby Zamora and had a photo taken with Roy. I kept telling Oscar during last season that he was the reason Bobby had such a magnificent year, as it all turned around for BZ after that tour! 

Hope you can use these. Keep up the great work! 


'Scotty The Aussie Bastard'


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