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TOOFIF invites you to send in your photos which we’ll then endeavour to put on the site (or maybe the Mag or both, who knows?)… Please provide an accompanying story if appropriate. Send your pics etc to under the subject: ‘Fulham Faces for the web’.

These are a few archive photos, taken at random from TOOFIF Towers portfolio. As more web-browsing TOOFites send in their pics, we’ll add them as we go along.

Typical, you wait weeks without seeing one and then you get two Cliffie Deans at once, There really is only one!

Jim Cox parades his new shirt following Saha’s departure.

Stevenage Road Stand before the squat at QPR.

Ray Brooks scores. No ‘Big Deal’!

In the days of the Supporters’ Club Bar it was often a late journey home.

Allan Gould with early vuvuzela.

Joe ‘The Badge’ Smith.

Cliffie Dean. There really is only one!

Must be a Fulham Vets’ side. No team-mates in sight!

Look at the state of the centre circle, summer 1977.

This view has been pretty much the same for well over 150 years.

Aha, a matchday obviously. It’s before kick-off, we’re due to play Liverpool and everybody’s happy!

Those were the days!

Mike proudly shows off his Cover, sadly he never managed the front of Time. Honk has more important considerations in the background.


Spotted in a house window in a Lib-Dem stronghold during the election campaign.

‘Fluts’ (Elaine Boisclair).

The Editor, all made up: ‘you must be Taking the Pitch mate!’.

Familiar faces in Stevenage Road.

Anyone seen Mr Benn?

Siobhan Roots of the sadly defunct Fulham Supporters’ Club.

Sam Sweeney, former Fulham Supporters’ Club Chairperson.

Honk and Kevin pre-Loftus Road.

More space in the Hospitality Lounge in those days!

And a well-dressed stewardess.

Those were the days, players allowed to join in and even permitted a pint.

Two contestants in the Butch look-a-like contest; the loser is on the right.

FFC stalwarts before the away Semi-Final v HSV, with Rufus Brevett.

A deserted Cottage while we squatted uneasily at Loftus Road.

A comforting sight.

The view from what used to be called The Stevenage Road Stand

The Hammersmith End when Stand meant what it said.

Micky Roots has a close shave on behalf of Fulham 2000, his barnet never re-appeared, Robbie on the other hand….

Gary Billing (left) and Alex ‘The Traveller’, supported by Simon Morgan, prepare for their marathon hike to the away game at Brighton on behalf of Fulham 2000.

Mike Dolling, sadly missed. He was forever confusing Terry A with Michael M. Hence the T-shirt we knocked up for his birthday, he wore it with his usual rustic humour.