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May 2012

Fulham makes history!
We give a third manager to lead the National team,
ok, Booby Robson and Roy had both left us but 
that’s a detail. Ray Lew’ though is a current Fulham employee and he’ll be helping out at the 2012 European Championship  

April 2012

From the Official FFC site
Good old Kit!
He and his Academy lads have done us proud

Fulham’s U18 side go into Saturday’s match against Norwich (KO 12pm) knowing that victory in what is their game in hand will guarantee them the Premier Academy League Group A title. 
Kit Symons’ Team are currently third in the Group following last week’s emphatic 4-0 victory over Reading and anything less than three points in Norfolk will mean they miss out on pipping Southampton to the title, with the Saints currently leading the way with two more points than Fulham.
Victory for the Whites would mean that they go into the play-off system, just as they did in the last campaign. The Semi-Final is due to take place on Saturday 5th May, with the Final a week later. The first opponents would be Group B winners Leicester City, with a final showdown against Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers or Newcastle United.
Fulham's U18 Academy team has shown true determination and character to haul themselves back into title contention over the past few weeks.
Three consecutive league wins, including a monumental 2-1 victory over title-rivals Charlton, has put the U18s’ fate in their own hands, and deservedly so.

Fulham won the away game at Norwich 4-3, despite playing with 10 men for half the game, congratulations to the Academy!

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The CEO of FFC Alistair Mackintosh has spoken to FST, the gist of which is:

The Johnny Haynes Stand 
is getting a new roof – Official. 
And that is just the beginning!

In the latest FST Newsletter, Alistair Macintosh explains the progress of the Club’s latest plans for the redevelopment of Craven Cottage. The adventurous, ambitious, progressive and frankly, stunning design proposals for the Riverside Stand are in the plans outlined in the formal Application for Planning Consent that are currently before the relevant authorities. Fulham Football Club is currently awaiting final confirmation 
of the planning hearing date from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. You can see artists’ impressions of the new design on this site here or on the Official Fulham website.

March 2012

Well, how do we think things are going at FFC?
We’re sitting just outside of the top ten and twelve points clear of the bottom three, not too shabby at all one could be tempted to think

By billp TOOFIF
However, the whole point of paying to support one’s beloved team is surely to be entertained, certainly ‘Football People’ like to tell us that the modern game is akin to show business. Without doubt, enough players act like prima donnas and play up to a ‘show biz’ image, that’s for sure. 
Naturally  winning is the main aim of any sporting competition and it would be odd indeed were anybody claim that in supporting their team fans would claim that “I’ve come to this game to enjoy us getting thrashed” or “I’m really looking forward to a boring goal less draw today”, certainly not and by the same token it would be unrealistic to expect one’s team to win every game they play (although, sadly, there are a few clubs whose followers seem to believe that to be a God given right, no names mentioned!).
This is the nub, and as Fulham fans we are in an advantageous position to understand the ups and downs of fortune, since 1968 there have been more downs but maybe that has made us rather more realistic that some others. How things have been for Fulham this last decade has, to those of us who’ve been dragged through the mire, been nothing short of miraculous and something for which we continually give thanks. 
Maybe this is why I can honestly say that the fare on offer, regardless of results, has been less enjoyable than for any season since Micky Adams turned things around, I wish I knew why. Maybe Martin Jol’s methods are taking time to sink in, perhaps there are behind the scenes problems all I know is that I want to see the lads all playing to the best of their abilities for ninety minutes and hang the result, we can at least say they tried their hearts out, as sometimes this doesn’t always look like the case.


By billp TOOFIF
In keeping with my recent form for being harsh on players, I readily confess that Dickson had a fair showing in his sub’s appearance at Loftus Road but he really should have put away his chance!
Etuhu's Return 
from the Official FFC site

Dickson Etuhu says “Fulham need to put the disappointment of Saturday's defeat to Manchester City behind them and concentrate on the three points up for grabs when Stoke visit the Cottage on Saturday”

Er… why do I find that sort of bland outpouring ridiculous, well I watched him perform on Saturday, he was absolute pants again, in consort with most of them.

They are a sodding disgrace to the shirt away from home and it’s about time we said so. It’s the same old story with modern football, we, the fans pay the money, they, the (majority of the) players don’t do the business and then pontificate from their ivory towers, laughing all the way home from another humiliation in their Ferrarris, while we carry on putting them on a pedestal that is so obviously undeserved. While I’ll always love Fulham FC, I have realised that it needn’t necessarily include the incumbent regime or continuous attendance on my part, rather in spite of it.

It’s too late for this season but frankly, I know I’ll resist those early implorings from the club  to renew my season ticket for next season. Having put my hand in my pocket for the last (far too too many) decades, frankly I don’t want to pay to watch the stuff we have seen so far this season, and then pay again for the ‘privilege’ of having the same garbage in my house (it’ll be goodbye Sky Sports too). It’s fast becoming a case of hasta la vista baby from me, unless I see an improvement in attitude from all concerned! – biilp

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February 2012

Martin Jol moves 
Ray Lew sideways 
just like he’s got the team playing

By billp TOOFIF

From the Club’s Official Site:

Team Roles
Thursday 2nd February 2012

As part of a restructure within the First Team and Development Squad, Ray Lewington will take full time responsibility for the Development Squad, in addition to taking charge of the progression of the younger professionals.
As the football Club’s Head of Coaching, Ray will work closely with the First Team regarding the younger players integration into the senior squad. Billy McKinlay has been promoted to the position of First Team Coach, working alongside Martin Jol and his current backroom team.
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To be fair, Ray’s official title until very recently was listed as Academy Technical Director, however at every game, he has been at Martin Jol’s side since the appointment of the dour Dutchman seemingly as Assistant Manager.

Martin has a new partner to tango with, BillyMc Kinlay looks strangely at home in character.
Photograph: The twisted minds of David Lloyd and billp.


January 2012

Well, I may have been worried for no good reason on this subject
Pog’s started off rather well whereas the Sulky One has dried 
up somewhat after his good opening spell with QPR

By billp TOOFIF
I don’t know what the consensus of opinion amongst the majority of regular fans is but I for one seem to have lost a little of my appetite for the football I’ve watched us play this season. It’s difficult to sum up exactly why I feel this way as overall the results have not been that much worse than those taken across the average of our total Premier League existence.
There’s also the notion that in some way our beloved little club has lost something of it’s personality in the ensuing years of ‘success’. That the club is run by ‘Suits’ is no less true than it has ever been, after all League football clubs came about because local business people injected finance into football clubs that had largely grown out of amateur teams run for charitable, social  or purely athletic means. This is no less true in Fulham’s case than any other,and reasonably dictates that we fans should not assume it is a modern phenomenon.
Back to the present, here we are sitting eight points above the drop-zone, with a talented squad, many of the best players the wrong side of 30. We’ve just sold the only player we could reasonably call a top-class centre forward and bought a relative unknown whose record appears anything but impressive (we’ve got a fair few of those recently already thanks).
On the other hand, I suppose that things could be worse, maybe we are merely in the early stages of re-developing under our latest manager. I somehow just keep thirsting for the sense of belonging we all had when Micky Adams took over, the club were granted permission to buy back the Cottage and we actually started to win games home and away. 
I can’t resist insetting an extract from an email I received, while I was suffering at the game last nightfrom an old buddy of mine last night, in response to this column, he lives in the West Country and can’t attend regularly but makes it to the Cottage sporadically, he grew up attending as a kid , watching the real legends of the Haynes era.
Hi mate

Read the update and totally agree - there is something not quite right going on. Certainly a different atmosphere to what has gone before - even from this distance. I am disappointed to se Zamora go. His major skill being that of holding the ball up for others to come in to the play suited the Fulham journeyman around him. Let's face it we do not play flowing football and need someone like that.

Never been particular happy about Jol and am certainly not now. The game is supposed to be enjoyed - he has all the charm of a withered tulip. Don't know if he has ever produced offspring but he could have certainly used his personality as a contraceptive.

How long before we hear "You don't know what you're doing!" Anyway as for tonight 


Oh and also this extract from an article from the Mail Online and highlighted in Cottage Corner on the FFC Official site back in December:

The focus on his relationship with Zamora is something that irks Jol, who referred repeatedly to the 'profile' the England striker enjoys at Fulham. 
Asked whether he liked the 30-year-old, the Dutchman answered with a heavy dose of sarcasm. 'I love him,' he replied, with a wink. But Jol insisted Zamora will still be a Fulham player after the January transfer window closes.

Let’s hope the gloom begins to fade after tonight (it didn’t – billp).

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