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Those modest three lines taken from the Ashwater website don’t go anywhere close to informing us just how much Black and White runs through Ken Coton, the mainstay of Ashwater Press, and Martin Plumb, the scribe who’s joined forces with Ken in recent years.

There is just not enough room on this (or perhaps any other!) website to list the Fulham credentials of these guys.

These two stalwart fans realised that there was a massive gap in the coverage of everything Fulham in respect of the scarce quantity (and quality) of available printed books.

This was despite the rich and varied and often turbulent events in the making and almost breaking of the oldest professional football club in London. Certainly, there was (and still is) a range of excellent books from other fans – notably the wonderful titles by Dennis Turner and Alex White, often in partnership with each other.

There’s so much to talk about, they reasoned, and as Ken had been covering Fulham’s matches as the Official Club Photographer for many years, he possessed a wealth of excellent world-class photographic material available, including countless unpublished works.

Martin Plumb has penned a series of books entitled ‘Tales from the Riverbank’. These have been snapped up almost as soon as they’ve been published, be sure to place your orders for the next instalment!

Ashwater Press was built from these beginnings and has since enabled other erudite and loquacious Fulham fans to bring their own fabulous works out in print. The sadly missed Traveller (Alex Ferguson) and Peter Thomson have written must-have tomes for Fulham fans; their books are available from the Ashwater Press website.

In the right column we’ve showna selection of the currently available Ashwater books. These can all be purchased online .

The Ashwater team certainly do not rest on their laurels, these five images below are taken from the covers of upcoming publications that will follow their relevant series. These are all scheduled for release in the near future. Watch out for announcements here and on the official Ashwater site.