Another season
done and dusted!

  1. And just to rub it in to those of us that have been following the Whites forever, this was yet another drama-filled Premier League finish. This time though, in a fairly comfortable top ten final position. Considering that our season lasted all of 11 months by virtue of another European Adventure which necessitated starting our season in June, this outcome has to be considered a decent achievement.

  2. How good does that feel? Looking back to the pre-Micky days, it is almost beyond comprehension that the Club is still alive, let alone ever improving.

  3. There is no doubt that none of this would have been remotely possible had Mohammed Al Fayed not come along so I reckon that all true Fulham fans ought to look in his direction and give thanks.

  4. I admit that I was none to sure when Mo’ first came along, suspecting that somehow there he had to have a hidden agenda with him possibly coveting the Cottage site as a valuable development possibility.

  5. Certainly, during our forced eviction from Craven Cottage it seemed all but certain for a while that we’d not return to our hallowed corner of SW6 with all manner of tales doing the rounds.

  6. Selling the ground seemed to some the only way ‘forward’ – and to our horror, it transpired that the deed had been done. Fortunately this sale was stopped before completion as news of it became public knowledge. This was an astonishing revelation and full details are naturally hard to come by, suffice it to say the whole complex and messy business became embroiled in High Court proceedings. Click here to read a little more about this.

  7. Then an intrepid bunch of Fulham supporters persuaded the powers-that-be at FFC that returning was indeed a viable option. And we’ve not looked back since.

  8. Having said that, to date Mo has truly been an exemplary Chairman, everything he said he’d do has been accomplished in spades, I admit, I was one of those who laughed like a drain when Michael Cole (Fayed’s spokesman) at a meeting in Fulham Town Hall soon after buying the club, told us we’d be in the Premier League within 5 seasons. He was wrong of course, we did it in 4!

  9. Very refreshing when compared to the majority of those incompetent and unworthy owners of so many other clubs in English football!