Well, here it is, the very first TOOFIF website under ‘home rule’. With the mag well into its third decade (!) it’s long overdue. It’s been a long time coming, so let’s make the most of it!

Be aware though that this is only the beginning and, as such, rather experimental. If successful, the site could change in appearance and content drastically in the coming weeks.

The main thrust right now is to make more people at home and abroad aware of the mag and its availability; the site has not been set up to take on the numerous Fulham fans’ websites, most of which are top drawer. We have no intention of running a message board either, nor all-out match reports, ‘though obviously we’ll give a typical TOOFIF overview of the football side of things as the season progresses. The specialist sites out there, more than well take care of those sort of things elsewhere.

Even so, and just like the mag, all contributions are encouraged and we’ll see how interactivity can be developed as we become more accustomed to this online version of our TOOFIF world.

Some of you may have been aware of a previous ‘TOOFIF’ site. Once upon a time in a Fulhamish land long, long ago (in fact, around the time  FFC was starting its fantastic march up the divisions) there was a fanzine website organisation that went under the ‘Rivals’ banner.
I agreed to lend TOOFIF’s name and use of its existing logo to the Rivals enterprise which promised much but which ultimately fizzled out. The site, brilliantly administered for TOOFIF by Matt Boisclair, not only disappeared overnight but also took a hefty archive of material with it.

With that site as defunct as the Watney Cup, it was high time TOOFIF made a reappearance on the internet, this time under its own steam. And here we are. So, what the hell is TOOFIF all about, anyway? Simply take a browse around and find out…


An intro to the TOOFIF website

David Lloyd

The Editor with Shilts, backstage at the filming of ‘Taking the Pitch’. Never heard of that? Neither had we until that night, it subsequently aired on ITV2.

At the same event. Note how Soccer AM’s Helen Chamberlain gets a more affectionate approach!

TOOFIF vs the FFC proggy team at the Cottage, L – R: Ben McCarthy, DL, Phil Mison and Will Brooks.

Ooh-er Matron. Best not to ask! (Raising money, along with other Fulham Supporters’ Club stalwarts, for a defribrillator for Charing Cross Hospital).

On the telly in the days of hair. And a vibrant Supporters Club.

DL training with the first team (prior to knobbling Clive Walker with a Peter Storey-like challenge, causing our star flanker to almost miss the following League game!).

The Ed receives another TOOFIF award, this time it’s from Teletext (presented by Richard Littlejohn, Oh well, win some…!).


The TOOFIF Choir; hours of rehearsals clearly went into this during in pre-season...NOT!

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